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What if Hermione was in Ravenclaw?

Have you watched the series of harry potter movies? Have you ever wondered what if Hermoine was in Ravenclaw? The situation will be so different, both in the movies as well as in the plot of the novels.

It is easy to picture Hermoine Granger in the Hogwarts House of Ravenclaw. But what kind of differences would place in the novel and the movies if that had happened. I know it is crazy, right?

Okay! Just imagine Granger as a Ravenclaw in the harry potter movie and the novels as well. You already know that she is a top student in all of her classes. Well, she is very captivated with her studies always. She will be considered as one of the brightest students with her Hogwarts House that is Ravenclaw.

But, I think you should consider that despite all her performances in her academics, she will not be a fit in the Hogwarts House Ravenclaw. You ask why? Let us tell you then. Well, Hermoine is not a creative person. Don’t get me wrong. She inherently has the key traits in order to be chosen as a Gryffindor. Traits such as bravery, chivalry, confidence, productivity, action-oriented, focus, and being fearless will always imply within her. So, there are fewer chances that she might end up wearing the uniform of Ravenclaw House, blue and bronze.

We can give another reason too. It is not necessarily required to have good grades if you are in Ravenclaw. All you need to be is creative and have an open mind. Just because you aren’t getting good grades doesn’t mean you are not intelligent, right? There are many other ways that one could be smart and intelligent in the Ravenclaw House. But, you need to remember that she is a good student but that will not make her a good Ravenclaw because of her traits and personality. She was a born Gryffindor.

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